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What is Alaska Shield 2016?

Alaska Shield is a biennial statewide exercise program that unites local, state, federal, and private organizations to prepare Alaskans for natural and manmade threats.

Alaska Shield 2016 exercise scenarios vary by local jurisdiction, but will be homeland security-related. Scenarios may include on-scene law enforcement exercises, active shooter exercises, mass search and rescue operations, cyber-attacks, and chemical/biological events.

More than 15 local jurisdictions, 9 state agencies, 12 federal agencies, and 27 Non-Governmental organizations (NGOs) are scheduled to participate in events April 1-18. The main portion of the exercise is scheduled to be conducted April 1-3, with a HazMat Symposium and exercise April 5-6 and a medical response exercise April 18.

Planning for Alaska Shield 2016 began more than two years ago. The exercise is designed to examine and evaluate 13 core capabilities of participants: community resilience; cybersecurity; environment response/health & safety; fatality management services; intelligence & information sharing; mass care services; mass search and rescue operations; on-scene security and protection; operational communications; operational coordination; planning; public health and medical services; and public information and warning.

At the time of this posting, there is no specific, credible information about a terrorist threat against the state. The exercise scenarios are plausible and based upon open source intelligence and national and international news agencies. Training, conducted in realistic environments, under realistic circumstances, ensures Alaskans maintain the highest levels of proficiency and readiness for any threat. Artificialities are built into the exercise for practical purposes, i.e. time allotments and logistical limitations.

Previous Alaska Shield exercise scenarios

2007: Terrorism Exercise

2010: Earthquake Exercise

2012: Cold Weather Exercise

2014: Reenactment of the 1964 Earthquake using today’s infrastructure and population


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